INKTOBER 2015. One ink drawing a day during all of October. My theme, FAN ART. A massive challenge, sleepless nights and even some digital colouring. Featuring some of my favourite characters ever. Arzak, Imperator Furiosa, Immortan Joe, Aeon Flux, Korra, Prophet, Cyber Six, Sexica, Captain Phasma, Spike Spiegel, Garrus, Superman, Pennywise, Elvira, Motoko, Batman year 100, Chun li, Ant-Man, Power Girl, IronMan, piccolo, El vengador - Steel jeeg, saint Seiya, Doom Guy, Storm, Dan Hibiki vs Fei Long, Crazy Leg, Slimer, the devil and a black mage from FFT. Phew.

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